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CSU Rec Schedules

Check Out What's Happening at the CSU Rec!

From fitness classes to facility reservations, you can use the links below to see up-to-the-minute schedules of everything that's going on at the Rec each day. 

Master Schedule

Use this schedule to get a snapshot of everything (and we mean everything) that's happening at the Rec!
Master Schedule
Master Schedule - Filterable

Aquatics Schedule

This schedule segments out aquatics and safety programming happening at the Rec and at the Natatorium.
Temporarily Unavailable

Group Fitness Schedule

View our latest group fitness schedule to see all the awesome (and free!!) fitness classes you can participate in!
Group Fitness Schedule

IMs & Sport Clubs Schedule

Check out when and where our IM and sport club teams are playing or practicing.
IMs & Spot Clubs Schedule