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Spring 2021 Group Fitness Schedule​​​​​​​

​​​​​​​Effective:  3/22/2021-5/14/2021
Class cancellation:  4/16/21- Bodypump (hybrid) is cancelled for the day!  See you next time!

Join the CSU Rec fitness instructors you know and love and get your sweat on! We're SO EXCITED to announce that, starting March 22nd, we are starting some in-person classes again!! Classes are kicking off for current CSU students for now, but we can't wait to welcome EVERYONE back to the Rec as soon as we can. 

HEADS UP! Our fitness class registration and participation procedures have changed to ensure your safety. Click here for a quick overview of what do and expect when you come for an in-person fitness class.

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Our full fitness class schedule is detailed below - we are currently offering virtual, live, and hybrid style classes. Virtual classes take place via zoom-click on the name of the class to access the virtual Zoom studio. Live classes are in-person classes that take place in the CSU Rec and are currently open to CSU students ONLY. Hybrid classes mean we have a virtual Zoom link as well as in person offering.

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Also, check out the virtual fitness classes offered by our friends at these partner institutions around the country! View this week's interactive daily schedule here!

6:30-7:15a.m.Bodyweight Boot Camp (virtual)Kevin
5-5:45p.m.Muscle Conditioning (virtual)Michael
7-7:45a.m.Cycling (live)Michelle
12-12:45p.m.BodyPump (virtual)Matt
12-1p.m.Yoga (virtual)Mary
6:30-7:15a.m.Bodyweight Boot Camp (virtual)Kevin
8-8:45a.m.F45 (virtual)Emma
12-12:45p.m.Pilates (hybrid)Michelle
5-5:45p.m.HIIT (virtual)Michael
7-7:45a.m.Cycling (live)Julia
12-1p.m.Yoga (virtual)Mary
8-8:45a.m.F45 (virtual)Emma
12-12:45p.m.BodyPump (hybrid)Matt
5-5:45p.m.Muscle Conditioning (virtual)Michael
9-9:45a.m.HIIT (virtual)Kevin
10-10:45a.m.Yoga (virtual)Kaylee
10:30-11:30a.m.Cycling (live)Beth
10-10:45a.m.Yoga (virtual)Kaylee