Recreation Center

CSU Rec Facility Feature: The Jacob's Ladder

Are you looking for a unique new workout that’s high-intensity and low impact? Come try out Jacob’s Ladder, located in the center of Cardio Row on the 2nd floor of the CSU Rec Center! 

Just adjust the strap to match your height, buckle the belt around your waist, and start climbing! The belt helps you control your speed while climbing, so the higher up on the rungs you climb, the faster you’ll go. When you’re finished, simply stop climbing and allow gravity to help you coast to the bottom.

Jacob's Ladder Diagram

While this machine encourages a full-body workout, feel free to grab hold of the handles on either side rather than the ladder rungs to concentrate on only your lower body. If you’re looking for a fun new workout which will help you burn more calories in less time than a treadmill, climb aboard Jacob's Ladder!