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Come Have Fun in the Pool!

This fall, the pool is where all the fun is!

Swim & Win!

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September 7 - October 5

Students: Free!
Members: $5

This is your chance to WIN! when you swim. Log your swims & your laps. Be entered for raffle prizes and have a chance at the big prize. 

Most Distance: $50 Gift Card and Major Bragging Rights Around the Rec
Most Swims: $50 Gift Card and Major Bragging Rights Around the Rec
All Registered Participants: 200 Rec Reward Points

Sorry, CSU Swim Team - this is one you aren't eligible for - see Melissa Evers for an alternative.

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Swim Lake Erie

Swim Lake Erie

Beginning October 1

Students: Free!
Members: $10

Now that you have Swum and (hopefully) Won, use those laps to kick start your swim across the Ohio boarder of Lake Erie! Swimming a total of 200 miles (take as long as you need) in the comfort of our own CSU Pools will have you stopping along the way to pick up your rewards! 

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