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5 Tips to Help Boost Your Productivity While Working from Home

cluttered at-home work space
By: Alex Winfield
Currently, many businesses and workplaces are closed for regular business leading to numerous individuals working remotely from home. This can be an adjustment to say the least. We have composed 5 tips to help boost your productivity while working from home, and also build helpful at-home work habits. 
Your Workspace
Identifying and establishing an at-home workspace with those you share a household with can limit potential distractions from others. A clean, comfortable, and naturally lit workspace with plenty of room to work and has limited distractions can boost your productivity. Try to choose a space at a desk rather than a bed. However, feel free to change things up once in a while by taking your laptop and work materials outside to enjoy fresh air while you work. 
Office Hours
Since you are working from home, drawing the line between work and home-life can be difficult at times. Many working from home find themselves working beyond their scheduled hours because they cannot get away from work since their work is now at home. Indicate your office hours with both your colleagues and family. Try your best to only work within these hours to keep work-life and home-life as separate as possible. When you are done working for the day, remove yourself from your workspace, turn off your computer, and stop checking emails.

break time card in keyboard 
 Planning Your Day
Create a schedule, establish a daily routine, and set daily goals. Planning your day from making your morning coffee, to checking emails/voicemails, and when you will take your breaks, can help you get each day started and keep you on task. Setting and meeting your goals each day ensures that you are accomplishing new tasks every day. 
When you do take your breaks, set a timer and make use of the entire break. During this time try eating a healthy snack, taking a brief walk, calling a friend or family member, or doing something else that can help you take your mind off work for a bit.

man working at home stretching at desk  
Sitting in a position that doesn’t support good posture can lead to pain and discomfort. A standing desk would be great for this, but not everyone has the capabilities to do so. If sitting, try to position yourself so your eyes are level with the top of your screen/monitor. Keep your shoulders relaxed and low, avoid hunching your shoulders. Your arms should be rested on a supportive surface and parallel to the floor with easy access to your keyboard and mouse. Position yourself on your chair to allow your feet to be flat on the floor. Your chair should be supportive of your back being straight and support the curve of your lower back, if not, you can use a pillow or towel to support your lumbar region. Be sure to change positions often and every 30 minutes, stand up to stretch. 
We hope these tips help you find out what works best for you as you adjust to working from home!