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5 Easy Ways to Make Going Outside a Priority

woman relaxing under a tree
By Brooke Hokes
It is well-established that being outside boosts your wellbeing (even during the COVID-19 situation)! However, due to remote learning and working from home, it is becoming increasingly harder to commit to spending even just 10-15 minutes outside every day. So, to help, we have some simple suggestions that will not only increase your time outside but provide a nice break from your regular routine. Our 5 easy ways to make going outside a priority include:

  1. Take a morning walk. This is a great way to wake up and start the day off right! Plus, making time to be outside before the craziness of the day settles in makes it more likely you'll fit it in.
  2. Take your work outside with you. Grab a lawn chair and post up in the yard with your laptop instead of in the house. It will help meetings seemingly go by faster, and you'll get some fresh air and sunshine. 
  3. Set a timer for a midday break. Designate and schedule time to go outdoors to break up your day. Grab a cup of coffee or your lunch with a book and head outside. It can help relax you and improve productivity when you return inside!
  4. Exercise outdoors. The CSU Rec Center fitness and wellness team have a ton of great virtual workouts and wellness activities you can do from almost anywhere – why not try doing them outside?
  5. Think local! You don't need to travel far to experience the beauty of nature. Go outside for a sunrise or sunset walk, run, or hike – you won’t regret the sight!