#TrumpetCall Twitter Campaign 2022

In the weeks following President Bloomberg's investiture address, she shared on Twitter some of the many stories of CSU students, alumni, faculty and staff members who have answered the Viking Trumpet Call. These individuals are thriving at CSU or in their communities, doing amazing things and helping others to live well. 

TrumpetCall 1TrumpetCall 2TrumpetCall 3TrumpetCall 4TrumpetCall 5TrumpetCall 6TrumpetCall 7TrumpetCall 8TrumpetCall 9TrumpetCall 10TrumpetCall 11TrumpetCall 12TrumpetCall 13TrumpetCall 14TrumpetCall 15TrumpetCall 16TrumpetCall 17

For more CSU news, stories and insights from President Bloomberg, be sure to follow her Twitter account using this link.