Law School Naming Review Update

The Ad Hoc Review and Advisory Committee appointed by then Provost Laura Bloomberg to evaluate the name of our Cleveland Marshall College of Law in April of 2022 has completed its work and recommended that the Marshall name be removed. President Bloomberg accepted and endorsed that recommendation and shared the Committee’s report and her acceptance with the Academic Affairs and Student Success Committee of the CSU Board of Trustees in September. They are currently reviewing those materials and will make a recommendation to the full board.

The Ad Hoc Review and Advisory Committee followed a thoughtful, careful process in doing its work. This included a thorough review and discussion of the comprehensive report compiled by the Law School Naming Committee, and the University’s Space, Unit, and Entity Naming Policy and its related procedures. Review of the work of the Law School Naming Committee also allowed for consideration of the views of the members of our law school, law school alumni, our broader university community and other stakeholders. The committee’s studied report and how its recommendation was reached speaks for itself.

The Academic Affairs and Student Success Committee and the full CSU Board of Trustees must now be granted that same opportunity to complete a careful review and consideration of the Ad Hoc Review and Advisory Committee’s report. We will continue to keep you updated on the review process.

Ad Hoc Review and Advisory Committee Report - Sept. 15, 2022

College of Law Summary of Findings and Information - Feb. 28, 2022

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