2020 State of the University Address

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Over the next year, CSU plans to:

  • Advance the CSU 2.0 process. The five task forces will present recommendations to chart our way forward together that is consistent with CSU’s strategic priorities.
  • Aggressively recruit 40 new faculty in FY22 in the areas of biomedical research and health care, data analytics and cyber security, and smart and sustainable manufacturing.
  • Expand our Student Success program and add coaches
  • Make another $1 million investment in need-based financial aid to our students for the second year
  • Allocate $1 million from CSU Foundation to support student success initiatives, like CSU’s 2-for-1 Promise. 

Additionally, as we chart our course forward post-pandemic, we will focus on: 

  • Promoting accessible, meaningful, and affordable education 
  • Producing workforce-ready graduates 
  • Enhancing connections to good jobs 
  • Leveraging intellectual capital to drive innovation and economic growth 
  • Building public-private partnerships