Police Department

Work Space Emergency Lock Out Service


To provide emergency access for faculty and staff members who need immediate entry to their assigned workspaces. This space is limited to university assigned offices and scheduled classrooms and shall not include communal areas, laboratories, athletic areas, libraries or other areas owned and controlled by Cleveland State University.

In the event the Department of Public Safety receives a request to assist those individuals in gaining access to specific workspaces, the police dispatcher will follow the following procedure:

  1. When receiving the initial call, the dispatcher will verify that the area in question meets the criteria described in above "Purpose." If the area in question is a classroom, an officer will open that area without applying the Lock Out Agreement Form. If any other area described in above "Purpose" is requested, the dispatcher will then explain the Lock Out Agreement Form and advise that a Viking Card or drivers license is required.
  2. The dispatcher will contact a police officer to pick-up the appropriate key and the Lock Out Agreement Form. The dispatcher will log the person requesting assistance, the room, the officer providing the aid, and all respective times.
  3. The officer will verify identity and have the Lock Out Agreement Form signed before opening the room. Upon completion, the officer will immediately return the key and form to the dispatch office.