Vendor Parking

All vehicles parked outside a fenced staging area on university property must display a valid CSU Parking permit unless parked in a pay-per-hour space or pulled a ticket to pay at a garage. If parked at a meter or PayStation space, they must be paid. CSU Parking & Transportation Services must approve activity in advance for use of any parking facilities.

CSU Parking & Transportation Services offers the following options for contractors and construction workers who choose to park on campus:

  1. Purchase a contractor hangtag. This hangtag will have an expiration date based on the needs of the patron and will be accepted for parking in any CSU parking facility except at meters or in Lot 22, Prospect, and South Garage. Contractor hangtags cost $50.00 per week and the full fee is charged for any partial week unless the purchase is made after noon on a Friday.
  2. Purchase a one-day visitor permit at the current visitor rate. 

Contractor hangtags must be purchased from the office of Parking & Transportation Services located in Euclid Commons at East 24th and Euclid. The office hours are located on left. The CSU Parking & Transportation Services Office accepts cash, check, Visa, MasterCard and Discover, for parking purchases.

Contractors and construction workers may also find parking options in the CSU neighborhood parking lots. 

Parking Prohibitions

Contractors are not permitted to park vehicles in any of the following:

  • Under the overhang of the Main Classroom building
  • Sidewalks
  • Plazas
  • Loading Docks (use over the time limit displayed)
  • Aisle ways
  • Driveways
  • East 24 Street in front of Fenn Tower
  • The "No Parking" area on north side of Fenn Tower
  • Drive in front of Rhodes Tower on street level
  • Grass
  • Police, Parking, or CSU Service Vehicle designated spaces
  • Along curbs
  • Also any other areas not marked as a parking space.

Contractors who must park in any prohibited location in order to discharge their duties while on campus may request an official dashboard pass when registering the parking hangtag. The request must be accompanied by details regarding the specific nature of their duties. Dashboard passes must be displayed in tandem with a prepaid hangtag and are intended for short-term use related to the defined duties – not for all day parking.

CSU Contractors are subject to CSU Parking Rules and Regulations. Violations of these rules are subject to issuance of parking citations and/or vehicle impound. Persons cited for parking infractions have the right to appeal by following the written instructions on the parking citation. Student enforcement officers do not have the authorization to tell you where and how to park. If you are entering a gated facility and need assistance, press the HELP button.