Frequently Asked Questions


What if I receive a parking ticket/citation?

Parking illegally may result in parking citations and/or towing/immobilization of your vehicle, and loss of your parking privileges on campus. If you receive a citation please follow the instructions on the back of the citation. Citations can be paid or appealed via CSU GO Online. To see a list of citation types and associated fines, click HERE.

If I decide to appeal the citation, what do I do?

Click HERE to access the Appeals page.

The meter or PayStation where I am parked is not working. What should I do?

Parking at a meter that is not working and does not register payment may result in a parking citation. Malfunctioning meters or problems with the Pay Station in Lot 22/RG should be reported immediately to Parking & Transportation Services (216-687-2023). Please relay the meter location and number in your communication. If the offices are closed (after 5 p.m. M-F), you can email the meter or PayStation information to: or leave a voicemail message.

I am getting a new car. What information do you need?

Click HERE for the Vehicle Registration page.

I forgot my hangtag, what can I do?

Stop by the Parking & Transportation Services Office (E. 24th & Euclid) on your way to work and we will issue you a temporary tag. Failure to display a valid hangtag may results in parking citations.

What do I do if my car won't start?

If your vehicle or a visitor's vehicle becomes disabled while parked on campus, call the CSU Police at 216-687-2020 or x2020 from any campus phone.


What are my parking permit payment options?

Click for HERE for the Faculty/Staff page.

I'm a graduate assistant or teaching fellow. Do I qualify for a Faculty/Staff permit and payroll deduction?

No. Graduate assistants and teaching fellows are student appointments. You must order your student parking permit online and pay with debit/credit card or charge the parking hangtag to your student account.

I was on medical leave/sabbatical for the last few months and I didn't know I had to return my permit; can I now get a refund?

No. If you leave the University for any reason, it is your responsibility to return your parking permit to Parking & Transportation Services. As long as you have the permit in your possession you are required to pay for it. When a person has an active hangtag on payroll deduction and the amount is not applied to a paycheck the amount accumulates in arrears until another paycheck is issued. The total amount outstanding will then be taken on your next paycheck.

I am leaving the University, is my permit automatically cancelled when I leave?

No. Your permit is not cancelled until it has been returned to Parking &Transportation Services and it has been deactivated in our system. Once we receive your parking permit, your PRD will be stopped and a credit will be issued to you, if applicable.

If I need a permit beginning on the 12th of the month do I have to pay for the whole month?

No. Your permit is prorated on a weekly basis. If you purchase a permit in the middle of the month, you will pay for the remaining weeks of that month.

I don't have my CSU ID number yet. Can I sign up for payroll deduction (PRD)?

Anyone who does not have a CSU ID is not able to select PRD.

I'm going to retire soon. How do I get my Emeritus/Associate permit?

Click HERE for Emeritus & Associate information

I am part-time (PT) faculty or a temporary employee. Do I qualify for payroll deduction (PRD)?

Yes. Any employee receiving a paycheck are eligible for PRD as a payment option and may also purchase parking hangtags with a credit/debit card (Visa, MC or Discover).