Parking for Persons with Disabilities

Parking spaces designated for persons with disabilities are provided for the benefit of students, staff, faculty, and visitors. Disability spaces are legally reserved for persons with state issued disability placards. Disability spaces are located across campus in several parking areas, click HERE for a list of the spaces available. For a parking map indicating areas for disability parking, please click HERE.

Parkers using these spaces are required to have a State Issued Disability parking placard AND proof of payment of parking fees, which can include a valid CSU Prepaid permit, department issued prepaid permit, or an unexpired meter or PayStation space.

Disabled Parking Policy

Disabled parking patrons who have purchased a prepaid Green or White permit may park in any non-reserved, designated disabled parking space in a parking facility that the permit allows permission for them to park.

Disabled parking spaces are provided in all garages on campus and in all surface lots that are located contiguous to a University building.  Parking in a designated disabled parking space requires a State Issued Disabled Placard to be displayed and the vehicle to be registered to your active CSU Prepaid Parking Permit or department issued prepaid permit. 


A State Issued Disabled Placard to be displayed and an unexpired meter/PayStation space or an garage entry ticket. 

Eligible staff, students, and faculty patrons may purchase prepaid semester permits during any open sale period. Semester permit sales dates: Aug. 1, Dec. 1 and April 1.

Accessing Green Permit Gated Facilities: West Garage, East Garage and Central Garage

Green permit gated facilities require a Viking Card to scan in and out of the garages. Green permit holders that wish to identify themselves as a disabled patron can submit the Electric Request Form or download and submit the Gated Facility Access Request Form.  Applicants must submit a copy of their Disabled Placard and Certificate of Registration. Once the form is completed, and the Viking Card enabled for override access, disabled patrons will be able to scan into gated facilities when they are full to check for an open disabled space. Please note that when a facility is 'full' but there are open parking spaces, those spaces are likely reserved for CSU guests or a special event and should remain open.

Green Permit Disabled Override 

When green prepaid permits are “sold out”, but needed by a disabled parking patron, the patron must contact the office of Parking & Transportation Services for a sellout override.  Requests for overrides due to a disability must be accompanied by a photocopy of the patron’s State Issued Disability Placard AND their current, non-expired Vehicle Certificate of Registration showing  “Disability Placard” in the Vehicle Class section.*  Those documents will become part of the patron record.  * A signed statement affirming that the State Issued Placard belongs to the individual asking for the override will be accepted in lieu of a copy of the current application.

Parking at an on-campus designated disabled meter or PayStation space is permitted at no additional charge for prepaid permit holders that are also displaying a valid State disabled placard, when the space indicates "CSU PREPAID." If the permit and/or placard are not valid or are not visible, a citation will be issued. Designated spaces are indicated by "CSU PREPAID or MUST PAY METER". If the sign does not indicate CSU PREPAID, the PayStation or meter must be paid. Designated disabled spaces in Green parking facilities must be accompanied by a Green, Evening (after 3:30 pm), or Night (after 5:30pm) permit. General information and applications for Disability Placards can be downloaded directly from the Ohio BMV website. Copies of the BMV application forms can be obtained at the Office of Disability Services MC 147.

Temporary Medical Disability Parking

A temporary medical disability-parking permit for those having mobility impairments must be obtained from the Bureau of Motor Vehicles.

Disabled Parking Space Regulations and Markings

The hashed area directly next to the designated disability parking space is considered part of the disability parking space; this area allows individuals with mobility impairments to enter/exit the vehicle. Vehicles found parking in these areas will be cited and may be booted/towed. Please heed signage indicating disability parking spaces. Unauthorized vehicles parked in disability spaces will be ticketed ($250 fine) and booted/towed at the owner's expense. Misuse of a disabled placard can result in citations and/or towing.

Faculty & Staff Disabled Cross Park Authorization

Effective Aug. 17, 2013 - Disabled Parking Cross Campus Authorization allows faculty or staff with a prepaid permit to park in any green or white permit space on campus, including all disabled parking spaces. Lot 22, Rec Center Garage and meters are limited to Disabled Spaces only. This access is granted for CSU work outside your assigned area only, not daily parking. Please click HERE for the form or E-mail for more information.

UPDATED: 6/9/21