OHECC 2016

OHECC 2016

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Join us in Cleveland for the 2016 OHECC Conference

May 18, 2016 - May 20, 2016

Cleveland State is proud to host such a unique conference, focused on evolving Ohio’s universities through collaboration and shared experiences. The willingness to help each other is very strong in higher education, but particularly in Ohio, due in no small part to the OHECC conference and its ability to bring all of us together.

This year’s theme is “Beyond the Bits”, focusing on technology’s reach beyond the data center and into every aspect of the modern university. We are uniquely poised to deliver the services of today and the vision of tomorrow. The challenges are significant, but with the collaborative spirit of OHECC we can succeed together.
We would like to thank the presenters, vendors and attendees! Without all of your support, this conference would not be possible. This conference was planned and organized by the OHECC Steering Committee, the University of Cincinnati Conference & Event Services and the CSU Conference Committee. We thank you for all your efforts over the past two years in making this a reality!


Miro Humer
Interim CIO and Director of Strategic Initiatives and Partnerships