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Cleveland State University is very proud of its strong employee commitment to maintaining high ethical standards in the conduct of University business.

To reinforce our commitment to compliance and integrity, we are launching a very important initiative in support of the University's current Code of Ethics. If you encounter a situation in the workplace that you believe will compromise the University's principles of compliance and integrity, we encourage you to discuss it with your supervisor, the head of your department, the Human Resources Department, Affirmative Action, the Police Department or the Office of Legal Counsel.

If raising an issue in this way makes you uncomfortable, you may report your concerns by calling the University's toll-free Action Line number. The University is committed to addressing any compliance issue brought to our attention through the Action Line in a prompt, fair and sensitive manner. This Action Line has been established to provide you with an additional mechanism to communicate your concern. The Action Line service is provided through an independent company that will protect your anonymity to the extent feasible consistent with University policies and applicable federal, state, and local laws. You can call from any phone free of charge, and it is available to all employees, 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. Reports can be made by calling 888.837.1824.

As we work together toward our shared mission of excellence in education and research, it is important that we maintain our commitment to the highest standards of performance. The way we treat one another and the way we conduct the University's business are responsibilities we all share.

Adopted on September 1, 2005 by Cleveland State University.

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