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CSU Receives Grants to Expand Internship Options for Liberal Arts Majors

Great Lakes Higher Education Guaranty Corporation and Fenn Educational Fund provide $206,000 to support creation of 40 new internships

CLEVELAND (Tuesday, January 6, 2015) – Cleveland State University has received $206,000 in grants from two organizations to expand internship opportunities for liberal arts majors by working with local partners to match students with applicable work experiences.

CSU received $113,908 from the Career Ready Internship grant program administered by the Madison, Wisconsin-based Great Lakes Higher Education Guaranty Corporation, and a $92,000 grant from the Fenn Educational Fund of the Cleveland Foundation. The program will support the creation of 40 new, paid internships with manufacturers, nonprofits, and local governments.

For up to 25 of the new internships, CSU will partner with five regional organizations – Cleveland Neighborhood Progress, Cleveland Water Alliance, Business Volunteers Unlimited, Community Partnership for Arts and Culture, and Northeast Ohio Mayors and City Managers Association – to identify paid internship opportunities among their affiliate organizations, many of which may not have hired interns previously. The internships will be for spring and summer sessions and will be for liberal arts majors who demonstrate financial need.

The remaining paid internships will be created in manufacturing companies with support from organizations connected to firms in Northeast Ohio, including MAGNET, Wire-Net, BioEnterprise, the President’s Council, and the Greater Cleveland Partnership.

“Internships provide valuable workplace skills and networking opportunities that often lead to job offers after graduation, and these grants will develop additional opportunities for major programs where there are often fewer paid positions,” said Mitzi Vazquez-Long, Director of Talent Development for CSU’s Career Success Network.

The funds will subsidize a portion of the interns’ salary as a way to incentivize employers to create new positions. Additionally, students are eligible for partial reimbursement of travel expenses to manufacturing firms located at longer distances from the CSU campus.

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