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CSU Launches Continuing Education Program in Diversity Management

21st Century leaders need a combination of smarts, emotional intelligence and cultural competence to address the often complex issues they face while also meeting the needs of an increasingly diverse workforce and clientele. To further assist managers in developing the culturally competent skills necessary to succeed as 21st Century leaders, Cleveland State University is launching a new continuing education and professional develop program in diversity management.

The initiative will offer a wide range of courses for working professionals including Creating an Engaged Work Culture, Managing Intercultural Conflict and What to do About Unconscious Bias. It builds on CSU’s highly successful Master’s in Diversity Management program, which is one of the only programs in the country combining cultural competence with leadership development and management training to develop culturally competent leaders.

“Diversity management and cultural competency have become essential skills that managers in nearly all professions need to have,” says Lisa Gaynier, director of the Master’s in Diversity Management program at CSU. “By adding a continuing education component we can offer additional training and support to leaders in multiple fields, while continuing to enhance understanding of the importance of culture on organizational performance.”

Courses are ongoing and are scheduled through 2017. For a complete listing, as well as information on individual CE credits per course, visit