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CSU graduate leads Rangers in RNC security effort

As Chief of Rangers for Cleveland Metroparks, Daniel Veloski is responsible for the safety of more than 43 million visitors every year. This Cleveland State University graduate’s jurisdiction covers more than 23,000 acres of land, 100 miles of connecting parkways and even the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo.

“We’re peace officers first,” says Veloski, who leads a team of more than 80 sworn-in officers. “Our number one objective is to make sure that our parks are peaceful and safe for all of our visitors and all of our employees. But it’s not just about public safety. It’s also about welcoming guests to our park district. Many of them know us and some don’t.”

Now the Rangers are about to get a lot more face time with new faces.

The Metroparks expect an influx of out-of-town visitors leading up to and during the Republican National Convention in Cleveland this month. Delegates, journalists, volunteers and citizens looking for venues to express their views, or take a break from the hustle and bustle of the RNC, are expected visit the Metroparks’ nature centers, golf courses and other amenities.

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