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CSU Faculty and Students: Free Access to Cleveland Clinic/IBM Quantum Computer Through August

CSU researchers can access 127-Qubit quantum computer at no cost through agreement between CSU and the Cleveland Clinic

June 2024 Research NewsletterCleveland State is embracing quantum computing and quantum communications, both in the classroom and in our research labs. CSU's quantum activity is enhanced by the activity of neighboring institutions in Northeast Ohio. For example, IBM deployed The IBM Quantum System One - the first on-premises quantum computer in United States at the Cleveland Clinic in March 2023. CSU is one of three "Founding Quantum Members" in the region (joining Case Western Reserve University and Kent State University) participating in joint research and education across disciplines on campus and also with the Clinic.

To help acquaint researchers with the capabilities of the Quantum System One, and to initiate new partnerships between CSU, IBM, and the Cleveland Clinic, the Clinic has provided CSU with access to the computing system and a range of quantum learning resources at no cost from June through August 2024. Learn more about this opportunity and the additional quantum computing resources here. If you are a student, and not attached to a project on the quantum platform, please discuss your interest with your advisor first.