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CSU and CLE Higher Education Partnership

Historic Collaboration Marks CLC’s First-ever Higher Education Partnership

Cleveland State University (CSU) and the Cleveland Leadership Center (CLC) are proud to announce a groundbreaking partnership intended to develop the next generation of local leaders through learning and community engagement opportunities. 

CLC’s first-ever Higher Education Partnership builds on the success of its Campus Cleveland program—which attracts and retains college-age students across the region—and aims to immerse students in local professional and civic arenas using its extensive professional networks. 

“We are grateful to CSU for embarking with CLC on this exciting partnership,” said CLC President and CEO Marianne Crosley. “It is a powerful collaboration to advance our shared commitment to develop and inspire a new generation of leaders committed to Cleveland and poised to create positive impact across the community.” 

“We are thrilled to join forces with the Cleveland Leadership Center,” said Brittany Wampler, director of Career Development and Exploration at Cleveland State University. “This partnership is a significant step toward enriching our students' academic and professional journeys by exposing them to the vibrant community and diverse opportunities that Cleveland has to offer.”

Key benefits of the partnership include:

  • Supporting Student Success: This initiative will put CSU students in the room with leaders in business and civic organizations, enhancing their career prospects. By introducing them to the city beyond the campus, students will gain access to meaningful opportunities for community connections, internships and jobs.
  • Developing Leaders: CLC is renowned for engaging, educating and connecting leaders at all levels of their careers and lives. The partnership will nurture unparalleled relationships, fostering a social, civic and professional environment where students, faculty and staff can all thrive.
  • Gaining Institutional Exposure: CSU will have new opportunities to share its story with a network of more than 10,000 CLC program alumni who are leaders across various employment sectors and generations. The partnership will also enhance brand awareness of CSU’s value and impact as Cleveland’s regional, public, urban, research institution centered on the student experience.

This strategic alliance places CSU among more than 60 companies, foundations and nonprofit organizations supporting CLC as Corporate and Community Partners. CLC is a part of the Cleveland Talent Alliance, along with 11 other Cleveland organizations and nonprofits committed to advancing the region. 

For more information, contact CSU Public Relations or Michael E. Bennett, vice president of external affairs for the CLC.