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Cleveland State Participates in Cross-Border ALCS Wager with Huntington University

As the Cleveland Indians begin their pursuit of the World Series against the Toronto Blue Jays on Friday, Cleveland State University has accepted a friendly cross-border ALCS wager with Huntington University, located in Greater Sudbury, Ontario.

The wager was put forward by Huntington University President and Vice-Chancellor Dr. Kevin McCormick – a life-long Toronto Blue Jays Fan.

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Cleveland State University President Ronald M. Berkman didn’t hesitate and accepted quickly.

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This clearly is Cleveland’s year, after the Cavaliers ended our city’s championship drought this summer,” said Dr. Berkman. “We have full confidence in our beloved baseball team and are certain that the Canadian maple syrup will arrive here in no time.”

Dr. McCormick meanwhile is confident Bertman’s Ballpark mustard will make the journey to Canada.   

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The best-of-seven series will determine the American League pennant winner and representative in the 2016 World Series. The Cleveland Indians have not won the Series since 1948 the second longest drought in the majors after the Chicago Cubs.

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With an enrollment of more than 17,000 students, eight colleges and more than 200 academic programs, Cleveland State is committed to providing a hands-on learning environment where faculty and students connect and ideas mesh with real-world experience.  We strive to serve the public, to support faculty in their teaching endeavours and research and to prepare students to lead productive, responsible and fulfilling lives in the region and around the world.

About Huntington University
Huntington University, located in the City of Greater Sudbury, Ontario, Canada, is a liberal arts university specializing in Communication Studies, Gerontology, and Religious Studies.  Huntington University offers a unique learning community with a distinctive culture of positive relationships and interaction between faculty, support staff and students. Huntington empowers each person in a way that builds life-long commitment to continuous personal, interpersonal, professional and spiritual development for all members of the community. Huntington is an independent university and also a member of the Laurentian Federation.