Messaging Services


To view a special notice concerning a new visual messaging system scheduled to replace Visix, please select here.

Visix is the visual messaging displays that are located throughout the campus.  The most familiar of these are those located in the Student Center.  

The content of each location is managed by the individual department that is responsible for a particular location.  Each department will determine what information will be posted on their location.  In some instances, material created and managed by other departments will be posted at other locations.  This is solely at the discretion of the owners of the individual sites.  In the event of an emergency, material may be posted by the central administrator.

Reporting issues

Should you experience an issue with the Visix display system, please report it by calling the IST Help Desk at ext 5050.  You may also report it electronically by signing in at the CSU Easy Service system.  Once you are signed in open a new incident and assign it to the category of "Messaging" and the subcategory of "Visual Communications".

Request access be granted or removed

To request Visix access to be granted or removed for an individual, an individual who is responsible for the material that is posted on the system for the department must complete and submit this form.  Once submitted, the information will be reviewed and once completed the appropriate individuals will be notified.  Should training be required, arrangements will be made at the time the notification is made.

Request others to display your posting

If you have a posting that you would like to have posted at other Visix locations, some individuals will consider posting the material on their site. 

If you wish to request a graphic of yours to be posted on another location, verify that it is the proper layout, that is portrait or landscape.  Next contact the individual(s) responsible for the site(s) you wish to have the graphic displayed upon by sending an email along with the item(s) you wish to be displayed attached to the email.  Please include as much information as possible such as when you would like the item to display and the length of time.

Please note, the final decision as to if a particular item will be posted rests with the individual(s) responsible for that particular location.

For a listing of locations that will consider posting material from other individuals, along with the layout format of the individual site, please select here.

Additional Information

If you are searching for information concerning how to perform a specific task, please review this information.

If you would like a custom template / background created for your use, would like training or you are unable to locate information, submit your question or request by clicking here.  Once submitted someone will contact you to discuss your needs.