University Marketing

Proper Logo Usage


Usage of the Cleveland State University logo and all of its related components may not be altered or distorted in any way. These rules also apply to the “Engaged Learning” and to any other official CSU logomark.

Examples of how NOT to treat the Cleveland State logo are:

  1. The logo components may not be separated. The seal and type must remain as one standard unit in its specified configuration.
  2. No part of the logo may be scaled in such a way that distorts the specified size ratio.
  3. Surrounding the logo by another shape (square, circle, etc.) should be avoided. If enclosure is deemed necessary, there should be sufficient spacing around the logo (see pgs. 8–9).
  4. The logo may not appear in any unauthorized color. This includes any secondary colors in the authorized CSU brand palette.
  5. The logo may not be stretched or distorted.
  6. To ensure maximum contrast, do not show the logo in a dark color on a dark background, nor the logo in a light color on a light background. 


Proper Logo Usage