University Marketing

Photography Style and Guidelines

The strongest vehicle for Cleveland State University to portray its brand and messaging is through photography. Well-lit and vibrant images help to convey the dynamic and focused energy of the University. Sweeping shots of architecture, the liveliness of campus, smiling student faces, the city of Cleveland, and candid interaction between professor and student are subject focus.

University Marketing and a few other organizations have Flickr albums of CSU-owned photography available on-demand and at high resolution. University Marketing also has several photographers available for sessions, when applicable Stock photography, following these style guidelines, can be purchased through proper University channels.



In an effort to maintain brand integrity, Cleveland State University’s materials must consider the following guidelines:

  • Photos cannot be used from internet searches or non-CSU websites.
  • Proper permissions must be granted before any photo is published in or on CSU materials if not already CSU property.
  • Photos taken from cell or smart phones are not of acceptable quality.
  • Proper resolution must be followed for photography, graphics, and other imagery for print (at least 300 dpi at display size) or web (72 dpi).

Photo style Examples:

Photo Standards