University Marketing

Alternate Logo Usage


The full version of the Cleveland State University logo includes the official seal and logotype. The full name of the University can also be used as type only.

Guidelines for usage of the full logotype are as follows:

  • This alternative logo is used in situations where visualization is key (i.e. maximum readability on signage).
  • The full logotype can be used in either ‘University’ or ‘Fresh’ Green (see pg. 6 for color guidelines), black, or white.
  • If using two colors, only the following combinations are permitted: the seal in Fresh Green and logotype in University Green, or the seal in University Green and logotype in Fresh Green.
  • There are positive and reversed versions of the seal. The positive image suits most needs, while white or other light colored seals on dark backgrounds must use the reversed.
  • The elements cannot be separated or rearranged.
  • The full logotype has three versions, horizontal, partially stacked, or fully stacked.
  • Ample whitespace should surround the logotype: at least one unit (equal to the width of the capital ‘N’) of spacing around the entirety of the logo.



Alternate Logo Usage