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A global language, Spanish is spoken by over 332 million people. It is a major language in the United States, where about 11percent of the population speak Spanish. The native and immigrant Hispanic population in this country totals over 28 million, nearly three times the population of Ohio.

Cleveland's Hispanic community includes several generations coming from the Caribbean, the Americas and Spain. Cleveland State University's faculty cultivate our connection to the community with lectures, film series, and other events including the annual Hispanic Awareness Week, Cinco de Mayo program and events from the Cleveland State K'inal Winik Cultural Center.

Studies in Spanish at Cleveland State University include language study for non-natives and for heritage speakers. In addition, Spanish majors have in- depth knowledge about Hispanic cultures. Our graduates have a broad overview of Spanish and Latin American history as well as an appreciation of customs and world views.

The advanced Spanish curriculum gives students in-depth knowledge of Hispanic art, literature and linguistics. As a result, a Spanish major has cultural as well as linguistic proficiency.


A major in Spanish is an excellent way to gain the research and analytical skills central to a liberal education. According to the World Trade Center, U.S. corporations prefer graduates with Spanish training.

Spanish proficiency and familiarity with Hispanic culture open doors in any career. For this reason, many Cleveland State students choose to double major in Spanish and another field such as Business, Education, Social Work, Communication, or fields related to medicine.

Cleveland State graduates who want to work in fields that require language specialization find work as translators or interpreters, in social service agencies, or in governmental agencies specializing in foreign relations.

Knowing that Spanish accounts for over 50 percent of foreign language learning in the U.S., many of our students become teachers at the secondary or university level.

Some of our students continue graduate study with us, and others have been accepted to programs throughout the country.


Click here to see the current academic year's Undergraduate Catalog requirements for the Spanish major .

NOTE: For official requirements, determine your catalog rights, and go to the undergraduate catalog that matches those rights. (The following requirements are ONLY for students whose FIRST semester at CSU is Fall 2011 or Spring 2012. For students who started BEFORE the 2011-2012 school year AND who have been enrolled during at least one of the past three semesters, including summer, please see your undergraduate catalog).

Our Spanish professors teach and maintain active research programs in various specializations, including Hispanics in the United States, Latin America, Spain and foreign language education.

Full time students with some high school Spanish can finish a degree comfortably in four years. Our course scheduling is designed to accommodate part-time students, offering evening and weekend courses at all levels.

Summer study abroad programs are offered in Mexico and Spain. These allow students intensive experience with Hispanic language and culture and the possibility of earning up to 12 credits.

All degree seeking students are required to complete a specific number of General Education (GenEd) courses. Students are responsible for ensuring the appropriate selection of courses to satisfy GenEd requirements and are encouraged to consult with their academic advisor regarding the applicability of selected courses. A comprehensive description of Cleveland State University's General Education Requirements for undergraduate students is available online at

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