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Film & Digital Media

The major in film and digital media at Cleveland State University introduces students to the ubiquitous presence that film, digital communication, and broadcast media occupy in contemporary life. The major gives students an appreciation of the role technology plays in society, of the cultural foundations of film, and of the complex influences of media on human behavior.

The major, housed in the Division of Media Arts and Technology, has three sequences: film, digital media and media studies.

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Film and digital media majors are poised to take key jobs in the 21st century interactive media environment. Educational companies and government employers need people who can competently produce public relations and training films. With interactive media creating new employment opportunities, students with expertise in digital media can expect to find jobs in editing and production at a host of technology-focused firms.

Those with expertise in media studies should be marketable in the broadcast industry, where knowledge of research is a handy tool, or in companies interested in developing new programming for children. Other students may want to attend graduate school to pursue a career focused on mass communication research.

Job Outlook
The outlook for jobs in film and digital media is very good. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a 31 percent increase in employment of professionals in the motion picture and video industries from 2002 to 2012. Employment in the information super sector is expected to increase by over 18 percent, adding 632,000 jobs to the economy by 2012. In Ohio, experts project that computer specialties that call on digital media skills will be among the fastest-growing occupations in the state through 2010.


Click here to see the current academic year's Undergraduate Catalog requirements for the Film And Digital media major .

NOTE: For official requirements, determine your catalog rights, and go to the undergraduate catalog that matches those rights. (The following requirements are ONLY for students whose FIRST semester at CSU is Fall 2011 or Spring 2012. For students who started BEFORE the 2011-2012 school year AND who have been enrolled during at least one of the past three semesters, including summer, please see your undergraduate catalog).

The film and digital media major at Cleveland State University offers students a unique combination of academic excellence and career-related training. Our faculty is among the finest in the nation, recently ranked eighth in the country in communication research productivity. Lecturers and part-time instructors include experienced film-makers and producers in the Cleveland broadcast news media. We have a teaching relationship with WCPN, the local National Public Radio affiliate.

Film and digital media majors have access to the Digital Video Communication Center, which has a main television studio, digital media servers, and digital video editing workstations. Those seeking specialization in film can affiliate with Picture This, the School's independent film school that has sponsored special courses taught by nationally-prominent writers or film-makers.

All degree seeking students are required to complete a specific number of General Education (GenEd) courses. Students are responsible for ensuring the appropriate selection of courses to satisfy GenEd requirements and are encouraged to consult with their academic advisor regarding the applicability of selected courses. A comprehensive description of Cleveland State University's General Education Requirements for undergraduate students is available online at

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