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Communication Management

If you are intrigued by interpersonal relationships, by how people from different cultures communicate, or by communication in large organizations, you will find a lot to your liking in the communication management major at Cleveland State University. The major has five sequences: relational communication, intercultural communication, organizational communication, health communication and mediation. Coursework offers a broad-based overview of the dynamics of human relationships, providing students with insights and job-related training. Our graduates gain a thoughtful appreciation of communication complexities, as well as ways to harness communication to improve the overall quality of life.


Specialists who understand the dynamics of managing human communication should be in demand over the next 10 years. Organizations need people who are sensitive to communication problems and can use their expertise to mediate disputes. Jobs are diverse and include:

  • Director of corporate communication
  • Training specialist
  • Fundraiser
  • Arts administrator
  • Mediation expert
  • Nonprofit organization director

Health care organizations seek employees with sensitivity to doctor-patient communication, a focus of the health communication sequence. Corporations seek specialists in team-building and leadership, dimensions of the organizational communication area.


Communication management jobs are likely to be on the upswing over the next decade. Demand for health services managers, an occupation that requires interpersonal and health communication expertise, is projected to increase by 34 percent from 2002-2012. These jobs are projected to increase rapidly in Northern Ohio, with its heavy concentration of health providers. The job outlook for training managers, sales representatives and experts in negotiation (particularly with a cross-cultural bent) is promising.


Click here to see the current academic year's Undergraduate Catalog requirements for the Communication Management major .

NOTE: The requirements listed below are unofficial. For official requirements, determine your catalog rights, and go to the undergraduate catalog that matches those rights. (The following requirements are ONLY for students whose FIRST semester at CSU is Fall 2011 or Spring 2012. For students who started BEFORE the 2011-2012 school year AND who have been enrolled during at least one of the past three semesters, including summer, please see your undergraduate catalog).

The communication management major at Cleveland State University offers students a unique combination of academic excellence and career-related training. Our faculty is among the finest in the nation, recently ranked eighth in the country in communication research productivity. The School of Communication offers numerous opportunities for internships in health communication, organizational communication, and mediation. Our lecturers and part-time faculty work in the communication industry as lawyers, mediators, and organizational consultants. Coursework provides students with practical training in public speaking, team-building, and communication research. A unique capstone course on managing communication links theory with case study problems in human communication.

A total number of 128 hours (40 hours for the major) are required for the Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree in Communication Management. All degree seeking students are required to complete a specific number of General Education (GenEd) courses. Students are responsible for ensuring the appropriate selection of courses to satisfy GenEd requirements and are encouraged to consult with their academic advisor regarding the applicability of selected courses. A comprehensive description of Cleveland State University's General Education Requirements for undergraduate students is available online at


First Semester
COM 101 Introduction to Communication

Second Semester
COM 303 Communication Inquiry

Third Semester
COM 211 Communicating in Personal Relationships or
COM 242 Public and Professional Speaking or
COM 341 Group Process and Leadership

Fourth Semester
COM 350 Persuasive Communication and Attitude Change
COM 366 Communication and Conflict

Fifth Semester
COM 379 Communication and Negotiation

Sixth Semester
COM 357 Principles of Public Relations or
COM 360 Principles of Advertising
COM 370 Communication Technology and Social Change or
COM 301 Broadcast and News Media Writing

Seventh Semester
COM 444 Mediation and Collaborative Problem Solving

Eighth Semester
COM 475 Communication and Training in Organizations

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