LGBTQ+ Student Services

Listing of inclusive restrooms on campus

The following list is the current locations of gender inclusive restrooms on or near the university's campus:

  • Julka Hall 
    JH 189 (By the electric closet North West Entrance) 
  • Berkman Hall 
    BH 130 (By African Cultural Studies- North Elevator Lobby)
  • BH 4th floor (Several private stalls and a lactation room)
  • Middough Building 
    MB 113 (Next to the scene shop in the garage)
  • Music & Communication
    MU G10 (Ground floor, close to East 21st street entrance)
  • Science & Research Center
    SR 158 (Inside the McNair Scholars area)
  • Student Center
    SC 121 (first floor)
    SC 203 (second floor)
  • Recreation Center 
    RC 117A
  • Center for Innovation in Medical Professions (IM)
    IM 130
    IM 230
    IM 318
  • Viking Vets Office (2254 Euclid Avenue Trinity Commons) 
    LZ 53
  • The Galleries at CSU
    AG 16
  • Washkewicz Hall 
    WH 311
  • Law Building
    First floor
  • Rhodes Tower
    ​​​​​​​1st floor bathroom: inside the Michael Schwartz Library in the Learning Commons area
    ​​​​​​​12th floor, next to 1257

If you are aware of any inclusive / gender neutral restrooms that should be added to this list, please email us at