LGBTQ+ Student Services

Listing of inclusive restrooms on campus

The following list is the locations of gender inclusive restrooms
on or near Cleveland State University.
Click here for the Inclusive Restroom Map.

Berkman Hall
  • 1st Floor: BH 130 (Near north elevator lobby and CLASS Lounge)
  • 4th Floor: BH 451 (Near lounge on south end, several private stalls and a lactation room)
Center for Innovation in Medical Professions (IM)
  • 1st Floor: IM 130 (Next to gendered restrooms)
  • 2nd Floor: IM 230 (Next to gendered restrooms)
  • 3rd Floor: IM 318 (Next to gendered restrooms)
Euclid Commons
  • 1st Floor: In mailroom (Building 4)
Film & Media Arts
  • 6th Floor: FM 607A (Turn left at main entrance and left at the help desk)
Julka Hall
  • 1st Floor: JH 189 (Near electric closet at northwest entrance)
Law Building
  • Ground Floor: LB 68 (Across from the law clinics)
Middough Building
  • 1st Floor: MB 113 (Next to the scene shop in the garage)
 Music & Communication
  • Ground Floor: MU G10 (Near East 21st street entrance and practice rooms)
Recreation Center
  • 1st Floor: RC 117A (Inclusive Changing Room/Pool Entrance)
 Rhodes Tower
  • 1st Floor: RT 114A & RT 115A (Turn left in the Michael Schwartz Library, towards Learning Commons)
  • 12th Floor: Near RT 1257 (Turn right at the Pratt Center)
Science & Research Center
  • 1st Floor: SR 158 (Inside McNair Scholars area, requires card access)
 Student Center
  • 1st Floor: SC 121 (Off the entrance to the women's restroom by north entrance).
  • 2nd Floor: SC 203 (Off the entrance to the men’s restroom, turn left at the Viking Marketplace).
Veteran and Military Resource Center
  • LZ 53 (In Trinity Commons building)
 The Galleries at CSU
  • AG 16 (Staff use only)
 Washkewicz Hall
  • WH 311 (Directly off of the elevator)

If you are aware of any inclusive / gender neutral restrooms that should be added to this list, please email us at