Center for International Services & Programs

Study Abroad Approval


CSU students must meet the following minimum eligibility criteria in order to be approved for study abroad:

  • 2.0 cumulative GPA or higher (3.0 or higher required of graduate students)
  • 1 successful semester at CSU if a transfer student or 2 successful semesters (30 credit hours) if new first-year student
  • Not have any current sanctions in violation of the Student Conduct Code including: recommendation of expulsion, recommendation of suspension, disciplinary probation, reprimand, restitution, restriction, community service, counseling, holds, or other which would prevent success abroad as determined by the CSU Office of Student Conduct
  • Good standing with the Office of Treasury Services
  • Fully enrolled in the semester of application; degree seeking
  • Not be a current PSEOP student

As part of the general study abroad approval review process, the following items are considered for each applicant:

  • GPA
  • Judicial Affairs Record
  • Holds on CSU CampusNet Account
  • Class Standing
    • any undergraduate with 90 credits or more must complete a fast-track petition to be exempted from the “senior residency rule” unless residency credit is earned on study abroad program (exchange or faculty-led)
  • Credentials of the school issuing the transcript for credit transfer
    • The institution must be accredited by Ministry of Education in home country.


All students planning to study abroad must submit an application for approval to the Center for International Services and Programs (CISP). Applications will be reviewed by the CISP in consulation with relevant campus offices.

  • Faculty-led Program Abroad (FLPA) applicants complete the program's specific approval application only. Please visit the website of the individual faculty-led program website to download the specific program application form.
  •  General Approval Application Form is for students seeking to study abroad through an affiliate or reciprocal exchange program. This application is a student's declaration of their intention to study abroad and to seek permission from CSU to be approved and placed "on approved leave." 
    The Application Booklet including General Approval Application Form  includes more information to help students through the application process.

    After gaining approval to study abroad as a CSU student on an affiliate or exchange program, students will then apply for admission to their selected program.

Residency Requirement

Any undergraduate student in their senior year (above 90 credits) seeking to study abroad through an affiliate (program provider or direct enrollment),  earning study abroad transfer credit at CSU,  must complete a 'fast track" petition through their College adviser for an exemption to the senior residency rule. Information regarding the residency requirement can be obtained from the Regulations section of the Undergraduate Catalog.

Senior standing is reached whenever an undergraduate student has earned 90 or more credit hours. Please consult the Class Rank section of the Undergraduate Catalog for more details.

Fast track petitions consist of an essay from the student (paragraph) about why they wish to study abroad in their senior year, a letter of support (two or three sentences) from a faculty member from the student's major department and a letter from the CISP education abroad adviser.  These three items should be submitted to the College academic advisor who will in turn submit the documentation to the Office of the University Registrar for processing.