Sponsored Student Billing and Tuition Payment

Sponsored Student Billing and Tuition Payment:

If your Sponsoring Agency wants to receive the bill for your tuition and educational expenses please complete this form and submit it no later than the first day of the academic semester to the Office of Treasury Services. The Office of Treasury Services MUST be notified of changes to your academic schedule. Failure to submit your documents timely or to notify the Office of Treasury Services of changes to your schedule may result in late fees being assessed. Late fees are not waived or reversible.

In order to have your Sponsoring Agency pay your CSU bill, you must follow the directions below, exactly as noted:

  1.  Register for your classes through CampusNet (assistance is available at Campus411 (MC116) or see your academic advisor). The ability to withdraw from a course via CampusNet does NOT automatically entitle you to a refund.
  1.  After you have registered for your courses, complete the Authorization for Third Party Billing form in its entirety. Incomplete forms will delay tuition payment
  2.  A letter of authorization from your sponsor on letterhead must be provided to the Office of Treasury Services. To ensure your student account is credited properly, all documentation must be received in a timely fashion. A delay may result in your account being assessed a late fee. Late fees will NOT be reversed if ALL your paperwork is not received by the deadline.
  3.  Remember to attach any related paperwork (vouchers or other documents).

Cleveland State University will invoice your Sponsor in accordance with our normal billing process when the course has started. If your Sponsoring Agency fails to make payment within 30 days, all charges will be reversed from the Sponsoring Agency’s account and will be reversed to your account immediately.

Changes to your academic schedule (adds / withdrawals) must be completed within the first 5 days of the semester. Failure to notify the Office of Treasury Services of a change to your academic schedule will result in full tuition invoicing on your student account.

It is your responsibility to pay any charges on the account that are not covered or paid by the sponsor.

Failure to pay on-time will result in withholding grades and transcripts and you will be prevented from registering for any future classes at Cleveland State University until your account balance is paid in full.

Submit all paperwork to:

In Person: The Office of Treasury Services       

Cashier’s Office Main Classroom room 115

By email:

By fax: 216.687.9363