Center for International Services & Programs

Morocco - Semester / Year Long Programs

ISA offers an Arabic language, culture, and society program at Moulay Ismail University in Meknès. In-country staff is on-site offering continuous support for the duration of your term abroad.

Montana State University
Montana State University offers a program at Al Akhawayn University in Ifrain. Courses are available in English with an emphasis in Arabic study, at various levels. Resident directors are also on-site offering continuous in-country support for the duration of your term abroad.

Study abroad through the School for International Training (SIT) offers students very specific and experiential programs. Programs are organized by academic interest. In Morocco, there are two programs. The first is “Culture and Society,” the second is, “Migration Studies.”

Program based at Ecole Superieure de Direction et de Gestion. Courses taught in Arabic and French.Various studies available in many areas including business, colloqual novoccan arabic, moroccan and religious studies.

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