Financial Assistance for Education Abroad

Cleveland State University students may qualify for financial aid to offset the cost of a Education Abroad program. The Financial Aid Office will take into account full program costs when determining a student's award, making it more affordable to participate in Education Abroad programs.

The following procedures are in place to assist you in arranging for federal financial aid to help defray the cost of overseas study:

Students who wish to be considered for financial aid must have on file a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

1. A completed FAFSA. Financial Aid for summer programs is based on remaining eligibility from the current academic year. For example a junior, independent federal financial aid filer who is eligible for a $5500 Subsidized Federal Loan and a $5,000 Unsubsidized Federal Loan and borrows at the $10,500 level will not have eligibility for additional loans for the summer session. Students should plan to set aside loan funds borrowed during the Fall and Spring semesters to help the costs associated with the Education Abroad or borrow less during the academic year.

2. Students must file summer semester financial aid application and attach their Education Abroad budget. Summer applications are available from the Financial Aid Office in February.

3. Grant assistance may be available for summer Education Abroad on a limited basis if the student did not use their full-time Pell Grant eligibility during the Fall and Spring semesters. The possibility for other grant for the summer will not be determined until well into the spring semester once all aid for the academic year is paid into student's account.

4. Student loans and grants for the summer semester are disbursed into the student's account beginning three days prior to the start of summer semester classes at CSU. This may occur after your program begins or after a payment is required for your program. The CISP Office and the Financial Aid Office will make every effort to work with the Bursar's Office to assist you in setting up payment arrangements. Please note that costs associated with going overseas or advance payments for programs cannot be paid in the spring semester using summer financial aid.

1. Students will need to complete the financial aid process and submit all required documents in a timely manner.

2. Students should submit the Education Abroad Program Budget to the Financial Aid Office so that budget adjustments may be made to their financial aid will be awarded based on the documented need and their program costs.

3. Semester aid will be disturbed into the student's account beginning three days prior to the start of the semester classes at CSU. Students who will not be in the country at the time refund checks (Loan and grant dollars above the tuition costs) are issued should make arrangements for someone to handle getting the funds to them at their SAB Program site.

Students interested in Education Abroad programs should plan ahead and assess if the expenses are manageable. Federal grants, scholarships and loans may not cover the cost particularly if the student is full-time during the academic year and the student borrows to help meet their academic year living expenses.

Education Abroad is a great educational opportunity and with planning can be financially feasible.