Prospective Students

Mandel Continuing Scholars Admissions

Program is for Cuyahoga Community College Students in the Mandel Scholars Academy Only
Tri-C applicants from The Mandel Scholars Academy should apply in spring semester of their final year at Tri-C. Students who are admitted MUST participate in a research seminar the summer before they begin at CSU, and are expected to spend two years at CSU during which time they will complete their Bachelor's degree. 
Deadline for submission of The Mandel Continuing Scholars Program application materials is March 15.
Students must meet ALL of the following criteria:
  • A cumulative GPA of 3.5 or above in all college-level coursework, AND
  • A rigorous curriculum overall in the major, AND
  • Commitment to completing honors work in the major, AND
  • Strong ability to complete program requirements within 2 years, AND
  • Participation in a summer seminar at Tri-C between the first and second year.
Application Checklist for Mandel Continuing Scholars
  • Completed Cleveland State University application and all associated materials to the admissions office (acceptance into the University is required before your Honors application will be reviewed),
  • Completed Honors Program application to the Mandel Honors College,
  • Written autobiographical essay (See application for more details) to the Mandel Honors College,
  • Letters of reference (Three letters of reference are required – applicants are encouraged to seek letters from reviewers able to comment on the student’s ability to complete honors-level work in their major) to the Mandel Honors College.
** Applicants to the Mandel Honors College must be pursuing their first Bachelor's degree.  Students who already hold a Bachelor's degree are ineligible for consideration.
** Please Note: The Mandel Honors College only admits students to programs once per year for Fall semester.