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Honors College Rep. in SGA

I cannot say enough about how important the Honors College at Cleveland State has been for me. I grew up in Buffalo New York,   Cleveland’s cousin in the North East.  I never thought I would end up in Cleveland, but a friend suggested I apply, so I did. I turned in my application to the Honors College about 45 minutes before the deadline, in the nick of time I made one of my most life changing decisions. When I was accepted into CSU I made a trip up to Cleveland and I was as impressed then as I am now with the personal touch the Honors College provides student’s like me. Priority registration has allowed me to graduate with my degree in Urban Studies a year earlier than expected. Also, the classes I contracted a  honors level have allowed me to develop personal relationships with professors that I am now conducting research with.  But, maybe the most under appreciated aspect of the Honors College is  the community that has developed (much in part to our new lounge). That is why as Speaker of the Student Government Senate I worked hard, in conjunction with the SGA executive board, to ensure that this community had representation. This year we were able to appoint our first Honors College Senator and   update our constitution to ensure that this position is permanent. These last couple years have been amazing for me, being able to participate in immigration research with the Urban College, being President of College Democrats, and being the Speaker of SGA can all be traced back to the   support I have received from my   Honors College classmates or faculty support from the college. So, what I am trying to say is thank you, and I hope that all prospective and current students understand and appreciate this program and what it can do for them. 

By Cameron Caputi