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Special Opportunities

Undergraduate Research Opportunities - Cleveland Clinic Foundation: Available to University Honors and Scholars Program Students
Students accepted into the Cleveland Clinic Foundation Program will be selected to work as undergraduate research assistants on a project directed by one of the researchers at the Cleveland Clinic's Lerner Research Institute in Spring semester of each year. They will spend the semester working in the lab and keep a journal record of their activity. They also will prepare a full-length report on their research after the project is complete. Participants will earn 8 hours of academic credit – these credits may be applied to a degree program in consultation with the relevant department. Scott Fulton
Opportunities also exist to extend the research experience into the Summer. 
Interested students can learn more about ongoing research projects during the Cleveland Clinic Foundation Workshop offered each semester by the Honors College or through the Cleveland Clinic’s Lerner Institute
Applications for Cleveland Clinic Research in Spring semester will be due in October of the prior semester.
For more information on the program, please contact: Dr. Elizabeth Lehfeldt, Dean, Mandel Honors College at or 216.687.5559
Law School Early Admission Program: Only Available to University Honors Program Students
The Early Law School Admission Program makes it possible for students, to apply to the Cleveland-Marshall College of Law at Cleveland State University as early as their senior year in high school. Students can either apply to the Early Law School Admission Program concurrently with their applications to the CSU Mandel Honors College or, once admitted to the Honors Program, at any time until the end of their junior year. 
Early admission guarantees students matriculation in the College of Law, provided that they complete the Honors Program in good standing and receive an Honors Bachelor's degree from Cleveland State University. Students also must submit Law School Aptitude Test (LSAT) scores before matriculation in the law school, but no minimum score is required and test results will not affect a student's matriculation. Students admitted through the Early Law School Admission Program are not obliged to attend the Cleveland-Marshall College of Law. 
The Early Law School Admissions Program has a two-step admissions process. The first step requires students to submit to the Honors Program: 
  1. Law School Admissions Application, including a personal statement; Cm logo
  2. SAT, ACT, or LSAT scores; and 
  3. Official transcripts for any undergraduate courses taken for credit. 
The Mandel Honors College will forward these materials together with copies of students' Honors Program applications to the law school after students have been accepted into the Mandel Honors College or, in the case of students already enrolled in the Honors Program, once the students have submitted all the required materials to the Mandel Honors College. The law school will make admissions decisions based on these materials. Accepted students will be conditionally admitted to the Law School. 
To become fully accepted at the College of Law and matriculate in the law school, Early Admission Program students must satisfy the following additional conditions: 
  1. Take the LSAT and submit the scores to the Law School Office of Admissions (those students who submitted LSAT scores, in lieu of ACTs or SATs, at the time of their initial application for conditional admission to the Early Admission Program are not required to take the LSAT a second time); 
  2. Subscribe to the Law School Data Assembly Service; and 
  3. Complete the Honors Program in good standing. 
The Law School Admissions Committee will review the files of all admitted Early Admission Program students during the students' senior year and, based on their qualifications, will determine whether they enroll in the regular program or the Legal Careers Opportunity Program, and whether they attend part-time or full-time. 
Students admitted through the Early Admission Program must satisfy the same requirements for a J.D. that apply to students who were not admitted through the Early Admission Program. The Office of Admissions will consider students admitted through the Early Admission Program for law school scholarships on the same basis as non-Honors Program students. 
Law SchoolThe Cleveland State University, Cleveland-Marshall College of Law is located on the university's urban campus in downtown Cleveland. We have been training lawyers since our forerunners, the Cleveland Law School and John Marshall Law School were established in 1897 and 1916 respectively. Since becoming part of Cleveland State University in 1969, Cleveland-Marshall College of Law has enhanced its long-standing reputation in the region by recruiting and educating committed men and women who wish to serve and lead in communities dedicated to change and growth in Ohio and throughout the United States. The law school continues to enhance its national reputation and influence by recruiting and enrolling students from across the country, through its academic lecture series and Visiting Scholars Program, and through networking events with alumni across the United States and abroad. 
Cleveland-Marshall College of Law is committed to admitting and enrolling high caliber students with diverse backgrounds and experiences, who will enrich the classroom and help to make the law school community exciting and dynamic. Our admission policies advance the law school's mission to enable "a diverse population of students to become accomplished, ethical citizen-lawyers who will make significant contributions to the region, the nation, and the world." The College of Law promotes equal educational opportunity for persons of every race, ethnicity, religion, national origin, gender, age, handicap or disability, sexual orientation, and veteran status.