Academic Information

Scholars Program Requirements

incoming freshman
All Scholars Program students who begin as entering first-year students will be required to take at least two Honors general education courses during their first two years in the program. Each semester, a range of courses in a variety of disciplines will be available from which students can choose. All of these courses satisfy university general education requirements so do not require students to complete additional hours of coursework beyond what non-scholar students complete. Students will select Honors courses in consultation with their Scholars Program advisor.
Honors courses are designed to be participatory and to encourage student involvement. Some are honors versions of regular general education courses. Others are courses designed specifically for Scholars students; many of these are also interdisciplinary. Honors courses are taught in much smaller sections than their conventional counterparts and offer students the opportunity to participate consistently, to explore the subject matter more deeply, and to work on group projects, do hands-on work, and even to conduct research.  
entering college sophmores or juniors
The Scholars experience for students entering as college sophmores or juniors will be tailored to the requirements of each student's chosen major(s) and specific academic goals. Junior and senior Scholars students' courses will be selected through consultation with faculty members in their major(s). 
College sophmores or juniors Scholars students will have the opportunity to do additional honors work under faculty supervision in established courses, enroll in graduate courses, participate in a faculty member's research project or lab, do an independent research project, a service-learning project, and/or an internship, job, or engage in a co-op experience. In some departments, students will also be encouraged to attend professional meetings or conferences. Following are the upper division Scholars Program requirements for particular majors: