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University Honors Program

The central and foundational mission of the University Honors Program is to better serve the educational needs of academically talented and highly motivated students. We serve a diverse group of students from a full range of backgrounds. We seek graduates from a variety of secondary schools including: graduates of large public high schools, small denominational schools, elite private schools and small schools in rural areas. Transfer students from two- and four- year colleges are welcomed.

Benefits of the University Honors Program Include:

  1. Honors courses in the first two years and a specially designed Honors course of study in your major.
  2. Substantial scholarship support.
  3. University Honors Distinction.

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University Scholars Program

The University Scholars Program provides an academic opportunity to very talented students as an alternative to the University Honors Program. Students who participate in the Scholars Program include traditional students who took honors courses in high school, or students with high grade point averages or standardized exam scores.  Non-traditional students, such as part-time students, students with work or family obligations, or students who apply late to the university, may also consider applying for the Scholars Program.

Benefits of the University Scholars Program Include:

  1. An opportunity to learn and excel with other high-achieving students.
  2. A specially tailored Scholars course of study in your major.
  3. Graduation with University Scholars distinction.

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