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Stay Away from Flu

Please follow the following advice.

Prevention and Precautions: Make your appointment to get a flu shot or FluMist at CSU Health & Wellness Services by calling x3649. The flu vaccine is the best way to prevent and control the flu. Shots may also be obtained at your doctor's office or at one of the drug stores which is offering them. Likewise, pneumonia shots are available at Health & Wellness Services. Anyone who is over 50 or who has a chronic illness should be immunized against pneumonia.

Minimize exposure risk to viral and bacterial upper respiratory infections:

  • Wash hands frequently
  • Drink plenty of water. Other beverages, e.g. those containing caffeine or alcohol are diuretic, and detract from your body's hydration.
  • Avoid respiratory irritants, including smoking.
  • Eat Nutritiously.
  • Get adequate rest.
  • Humidify living quarters, especially sleeping areas.
  • Manage Stress

If you do succumb to any upper respiratory infection and have symptoms of a respiratory illness or want to prevent getting one- use Universal Respiratory Etiquette Please:

  • Use tissue to cover your mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing, or cough onto your sleeve instead of your hand.
  • Dispose of tissues in the trash can immediately after use.
  • Use hand sanitizer after you blow our nose, cough or sneeze.
  • Try to sit atleast 3 feet away from others in common areas.
  • Minimize exposure to others- not just to prevent passing your symptoms to others, but to avoid new exposures to your already weakened
    immune system.
  • Schedule an appointment at Health and Wellness Services if you have a fever with temperature over 101 F for longer than 2 days.