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College of Graduate Studies Awardees Named

The College of Graduate Studies proudly announces the recipients of the Graduate Student Awards Program.  The awardees were named at the end of fall semester.  The 2015/16 Award Recipients, nominated in four areas, including research and creative scholarship, thesis and dissertation, teaching, and engagement and social advocacy, are listed below. This inaugural group of award recipients will receive monetary prizes and be will formally recognized during a College of Graduate Studies Reception on May 13, 2015.

Watch for details of the 2016/17 Graduate Student Awards program. Nominations will begin on April 15, 2016.

COGS Award Winner

February 2016 GSRC

Eleven of the 19 award recipients are shown above.  Pictured at left: Fei Chen, Kelly Kinahan, Ashley Zehel, Subhra Nag, Hua Chai, Serena Alexander, and Ashta Gobburi. Pictured at right: Raghavan Gopalakrishnan, Sara Incera Burkert, Alexander Roth, and Larry Heller. (Awardees not pictured: Qianyang Huang, Maria Alberto, George Thomas, Nickole Lay, Stephanie Sedall, Ranjodh Sandhu, Basak Kacar-Khamish, and Alina Marculetiu.)

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