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Cleveland State Interdisciplinary Research Conference

Research: How to Engage

Cleveland State Interdisciplinary Research Conference
CSU Student Center, Rooms 313-315
Saturday, November 15, 2014

All students and faculty are invited to attend the 8th annual Cleveland State Interdisciplinary Research Conference (CSIRC) on Saturday, November 15th.  The 2014 conference is for students who are currently involved in research studies and for those who want to become involved.  Attendees will learn first-hand what it takes to engage in research and will learn more about the Graduate Student Interdisciplinary Research Club (GSIRC).  The conference exposes students to the idea of research and to potential collaborators.

Club President, Leanna N. Ergin explains,

“So often we see the same people in the halls every day but never really know what exciting research is going on next door.  We're trying to foster a relaxed environment in which attendees and presenters can learn from each other.  You never know what research collaborations can happen if you don't know what other people do.  Also, if a grad student is in the process of picking out an adviser, it'd be a good opportunity to see what the adviser's other students are working on.”  

Conference perks include:

  • Free admission
  • Complimentary breakfast and lunch
  • Over $1500 awarded to top graduate and undergraduate presenters
  • First-hand look at how to best conduct and present a research project

Ergin explains, “The CSIRC Conference joins students and faculty from across the region.  We come together to teach and to learn, to share our findings, support colleagues, and participate in a celebration of scientific research.”

Former CSU student, Peter Psarras, is a past conference presenter and 2013 Club President who describes the obvious and the hidden values of engaging in research: “The Cleveland State Interdisciplinary Research Conference embodies the principles of connecting students with each other and placing CSU in the spotlight.  When a student’s research is published in a high-impact factor journal, we all win. When CSU athletics brings home Horizon league trophies or when alumni step out into the world and make notable contributions to science and humanity, we all win. In this sense, we are all connected. This is an important principle in the sometimes-isolating world of graduate studies.  The Cleveland State Interdisciplinary Research Conference (CSIRC) embodies both of these aforementioned principles: connecting students with each other, and placing CSU in the spotlight.” 

Psarras, who earned his Ph.D in Clinical-Bioanalytical Chemistry at CSU in August and is now a postdoctoral researcher at Stanford University, shares his point of view:

“I will always look back fondly on my experience at Cleveland State. I am set to begin a two-year post-doc position with Stanford University in the field of carbon capture and sequestration. Before I left, I nearly bought out the bookstore of CSU apparel and I will don them proudly as I walk around Stanford’s campus. It is an honor to represent CSU going forward and I cherish the responsibility to help CSU shine."

Conference attendees must register in advance.  Visit the Graduate Student Interdisciplinary Research Club for further information: