Graduate Admissions

Programs Offered

Programs/Area of Study by College

Monte Ahuja College of Business College of Sciences and Health Professions
College of Education and Human Services Maxine Goodman Levin College of Urban Affairs
Washkewicz College of Engineering  School of Nursing
College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences

Cleveland-Marshall College of Law


Monte Ahuja College of Business
Accountancy Master's
Accelerated MBA Master's
Accelerated MBA Online Master's
MBA, Master of Business Administration Master's
Executive MBA Master's
Financial Accounting/Auditing Master's
Information Systems, MCIS Master's
Labor Relations and Human Resources, MLRHR Master's
Health Care Administration, MBA Master's
Taxation Program Master's
Finance Doctoral
Global Business Doctoral
Information Systems Doctoral
Management  Doctoral
Marketing Doctoral
Operations Management Doctoral
Business Analytics Certificate
Entrepreneurship Certificate
Global Sustainable Business Practices Certificate
Global Business Certificate
Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance (GRC) Certificate
Healthcare Informatics Certificate
Marketing Analytics Certificate
Organizational Change Certificate


College of Education and Human Services
Adult Learning and Development Master's
Clinical Mental Health Counseling Master's
Community Health Promotion Master's
Early Childhood Education Master's
Educational Administration Master's
Educational Research and Assessment Master's
Educational Technology (with endorsement) Master's
Elementary Education Master's
Elementary and Secondary Education (Advanced & Applied Teacher) Master's
Exercise Science Master's
Gifted and Talented Learners Master's
Health Professions Education Master's
Intervention Specialist: Early Master's
Intervention Specialist: Mild Moderate Master's
Intervention Specialist: Mod/Inten Master's
Literacy Dev-Adult Lit Master's
Literacy Dev-Bilingual Master's
Literacy Development - TESOL Master's
Literacy Development Reading Master's
Middle Childhood Education Master's
PreK-12 Education in Chinese Master's
School Counseling Master's
Secondary-English Master's
Secondary-Math Master's
Secondary-Modern Language Master's
Secondary-Science Master's
Secondary-Social Studies Master's
Special Education Master's
Sport Management Master's
Supervision Master's
Urban Secondary Teaching (MUST) Master's
Administration, Urban Education Doctoral
Adult Continuing and Higher Education, Urban Education Doctoral
Counseling Psychology, Urban Education Doctoral
Nursing, Urban Education Doctoral
Learning and Development, Urban Education Doctoral
Policy Studies, Urban Education Doctoral
Adult Learning and Development Certificate 
Data-Based Decision Making Certificate
Chemical Dependency Certificate 
Early Childhood Mental Health Certificate 
Foundations of Autism Spectrum Disorder Certificate
Middle Childhood Science Certificate 
Middle Childhood Mathematics Certificate 
Online Teaching Certificate
Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) Certificate 
Board Certified Behavior Analyst Course
Computer and Technology Endorsement
Early Childhood Generalist (Grades 4-5) Endorsement
Secondary Education, Adolescent to Young Adult 7-12 Licensure
Inspired Leaders Principal Licensure Licensure
Superintendent License Licensure
Teacher Leader, Licensure Licensure
Education Policy Fellowship Program


Washkewicz College of Engineering
Biomedical Engineering Master's 
Chemical Engineering Master's 
Civil Engineering Master's 
MCIS, Computer Science Master's
Electrical Engineering Master's 
Engineering Mechanics Master's 
Environmental Engineering Master's 
Mechanical Engineering Master's 
Software Engineering Master's 
Applied Biomedical Engineering Doctoral
Chemical Engineering Doctoral
Civil Engineering Doctoral
Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Doctoral
Mechanical Engineering Doctoral
Biomedical Engineering, Accelerated 4+1 4+1
Chemical Engineering, Accelerated 4+1 4+1
Civil Engineering Accelerated 4+1 4+1
Computer Science, Accelerated 4+1 4+1
Electrical Engineering, Accelerated 4+1 4+1
Environmental Engineering, Accelerated 4+1 4+1
Mechanical Engineering, Accelerated 4+1 4+1
Software Engineering Certificate


College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences
Applied Social Research Master's
Communication Master's
Creative Writing Master's
Economics Master's
English Master's
Global Interactions Master's
History Master's
Music Master's
Social Work Master's
Spanish Master's
Communication, Accelerated 4+1 4+1
International Relations and Global Interactions, Accelerated 4+1 4+1
Advanced Study in Bioethics Certificate
Corporate Communication Certificate
Museum Studies Certificate
Music Performance, Professional Studies Certificate


College of Sciences and Health Professions
Biology Master's 
Biology (Non-Thesis) Master's
Environmental Science Master's 
Chemistry Master's 
Health Sciences Master's 
Occupational Therapy Master's 
Speech Pathology and Audiology Master's 
Mathematics Master's 
Physics Master's 
Psychology - Clinical Master's 
Psychology - Industrial-Organizational Research Master's 
Psychology-Diversity Mgmt Master's 
Psychology-Experimental Master's 
Psychology Specialist, School Psychology Master's 
Public Health Master's 
Clinical-Bioanalytical Chemistry Doctoral
Physical Therapy Doctoral
Regulatory Biology Doctoral
Psychology Specialist School Psychology Specialist
Biology 4+1
Experimental Psychology 4+1
Health Sciences 4+1
Mathematics 4+1
Physics 4+1
Applications of Geospatial Science to the Field Sciences Certificate
Applied Predictive Modeling Certificate
Culture, Communication, and Health Care Certificate
Diversity Management Certificate
Gerontological Studies Certificate
Medical Physics Certificate
Occupational and Physical Therapy in the Schools Certificate


Maxine Goodman Levin College of Urban Affairs
Environmental Studies Master's 
Nonprofit Administration and Leadership Master's 
Public Administration Master's 
Urban Planning and Development Master's 
Urban Studies Master's 
Urban Studies/Urban and Regional Planning w/dual residency Master's 
Urban Studies and Public Affairs Doctoral
Environmental Studies 4+1
Nonprofit Administration and Leadership 4+1
Public Administration 4+1
Juris Doctor / Environmental Studies JD/MAES
Juris Doctor / Public Administration JD/MPA
Juris Doctor / Urban Planning and Development JD/MUPDD
Advanced Fundraising Certificate
Historic Preservation Certificate
Local Urban Management Certificate
Nonprofit Management Certificate
Urban Economic Development Certificate
Urban Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Certificate
Urban Real Estate Development and Finance Certificate


School of Nursing
Nursing, Online MSN Master's
Nursing/Business Administration MSN/MBA
Doctor of Nursing Practice, DNP Doctoral
Nursing Education  Doctoral
Nursing Education Certificate


Cleveland-Marshall College of Law 
Juris Doctor JD
Juris Doctor / MBA JD/MBA
Juris Doctor / MPA JD/ MPA
Juris Doctor / MUPDD JD/ MUPDD
Juris Doctor / MAES JD/ MAES
Juris Doctor / MSES JD / MSES
Master of Laws LL.M Master's
Master of Legal Studies MLS Master's
Health Law  Certificate
Health Care Compliance Certificate