The College of Graduate Studies

Visiting Students - Downloadable Forms

Transient Graduate Student

Graduate Student Transient Approval Form   Revised Mar 2009
For admitted CSU degree, certificate, or licensure students who wish to take courses at another institution to obtain transfer credit.

Students enrolled in a graduate program at another college or university who wish to undertake a limited amount of graduate work at Cleveland State University must complete the home institution's Graduate Transient Application form and receive approval from the home institution to enroll for specified courses. The approval form and the completed CSU Enrollment Services Transient Student Enrollment Request Form
should be forwarded to the Office of the University Registrar. Admission as a transient student is valid for one semester only. A new application is required prior to registration if the student wishes this status to be extended for another academic term.

Cross Registration Graduate Student

(Cross-Registration) Approval for Acceptance of Graduate Coursework at Eastern Ohio Public Universities   Revised August 2011
For CSU graduate degree students who wish to take courses for credit at the Kent State University, Northeast Ohio Medical University, Ohio University, The University of Akron, and Youngstown State University without registering as a transient student. (Students register for courses through Cleveland State.)

Memorandum of Understanding Providing for Cross Registration of Graduate Courses Among Eastern Ohio Public Universities