The College of Graduate Studies

Current Graduate Students

The following collection of resources are for current graduate students at Cleveland State University. Other questions you have may be answered in the Graduate Catalog. If you have a question that is not found in the links below, you may forward your question to the College of Graduate Studies by contacting us at 216.687.9370.

  • Downloadable Forms - Contains downloadable/printable version of forms needed by Graduate
    Students or an Undergraduate taking graduate courses.
  • Academic Regulations - Each student is responsible for meeting the curricular requirements and following the academic regulations of the college and university.
  • Funding Sources - A list of possible funding sources, including Signature Graduate Assistantships.
  • Graduate Program Offered - A list of graduate programs offered, 4+1, Master's, Doctoral, Certificates, and more.
  • International Graduate Students - An international student is an individual who holds a visa while enrolled at Cleveland State University.
  • Graduate and Teaching Assistantships - Graduate Assistantships are regarded as apprenticeships during which students become more effective members of their professions through formal instruction, interaction with faculty, research and administrative experiences.
  • Thesis/Dissertation - Degree programs determine whether or not a thesis/dissertation is required for a graduate degree. A thesis/dissertation may take any of several forms, such as a scholarly essay, research report, or a creative artistic work.
  • Writing Help for Graduate Students - The CSU Writing Center offers you two types of assistance: individualized tutoring and the resources outlined on the website.
  • Requirements for Doctoral Student Participation in Graduation Ceremonies - Effective with Spring 2002 graduation, the following policies and procedures shall be instituted for all graduation ceremonies (both Fall and Spring Graduation).
  • Graduation Procedures - All students are required to complete a graduation application well in advance of their projected graduation date. Students should consult their college advising offices before submitting their application.
  • Non-Degree Graduate Students - Non-Degree status is designed for those who want to take graduate courses for professional growth and/or personal enrichment, or who wish to take a limited amount of course work to explore the possibility of later entering a graduate degree, certificate,
    or licensure program.
  • U-Pass - Cleveland State is pleased to support the popular U-Pass program. The U-Pass allows ALL MAIN CAMPUS students to ride free of charge on all Greater Cleveland RTA buses and rapid trains during a semester.