Fulbright Program

The Fulbright Program

Arthur H. Schwartz, PhD

Professor, Speech and Hearing Department:
Language Pathology

MC 432A
(216) 687-6990

Korea, 2004


Dr. Schwartz's award is at Chung Ang University in Seoul, Korea where he will teach and conduct research on accent modification. With support from the Fund for the Improvement of Post-Secondary Education, Dr. Schwartz had developed a multimedia software program for accent modification called "TEAM" (Technology Enhanced Accent Modification). Used by colleges and universities throughout the United States, TEAM enables international teaching assistants and faculty to improve the intelligibility of their spoken English, thereby making it easier for students in their classes to understand their instructors.

At Chung Ang University, Dr. Schwartz will develop a network of tutors who will be trained to use the TEAM approach. From that network of tutors, a small group of the most advanced and proficient tutors will receive additional training so that they can continue to train tutors after Dr. Schwartz completes his work. In collaboration with Professor Dong-bin Jeong and doctoral students in linguistics at Chung Ang University, Dr. Schwartz will conduct a series of studies to determine if there are particular aspects of the TEAM curriculum that are more appropriate for Korean speakers.