Financial Aid Office

The Appeals Process

SAP Appeal and Maximum Timeframe reports can be found in the Financial Aid Forms page.

If a student did not meet the GPA standard, complete a minimum of 67% of their attempted courses, or has registered for courses outside of their advisor’s degree plan, they will no longer be authorized to receive aid until they have regained compliance.

If extenuating circumstances need to be reviewed, then an appeals form can be submitted to the FAO. These situations include, but are not limited to:

  • Serious injury or illness of the student or immediate family member; an emergency situation; death of an immediate family member.

The student must explain in the appeal, the circumstances that led them to not meet the SAP, as well as provide supporting documentation. This would include; an obituary notification or death certificate, physician statement or medical documentation, statement from an academic advisor, a faculty member or a counselor.

A MTF appeal can be done through an academic advisor with an academic plan which lays out what classes needed and timeframe to be taken. After the completion of this plan no changes can be made by either parties, if a change is made then SAP will be denied.

If a federal aid suspension is initiated and the student does not make an appeal or the appeal is denied;

  • No further appeal is possible, the committee’s decision is final.
  • Students who wish to continue will be 100% out of pocket until requirements are met and eligibility can be determined again for future semesters.
  • Your eligibility will automatically be reinstated for the next term of enrollment upon successful completion of a term of enrollment in which you meet the required SAP standards. No appeal for reinstatement is required.

Appeal Forms