Faculty Senate


The Cleveland State University Faculty Senate respectfully remembers and acknowledges faculty colleagues and their contributions to our University and students.
Todd A. Morgan

Todd A. Morgan
Assistant Professor



Dr. Robert Klein

Robert Klein
Emeritus Professor


Dr. Klein was a faculty member in the Physics department for many years. He was a founder and director of the alternative First College at CSU. His love of teaching complex physics theories to every student, even those terrified of the subject, is evident in the many tributes students paid over the years after having him as a professor. He loved being at a newly founded inner city state university in the 1960's and worked to help make it accessible to all. ~Dr. Joanne Goodell

Michelle M. Clark

Michelle Clark
Assistant Professor - Nursing


Dr. Clark earned her PhD in nursing from the University of Missouri-Kansas and joined CSU in 2020 as an Assistant Professor. She was a board-certified psychiatric mental health nurse with degrees in religion, spiritual care, and counseling. Her research focused on eliminating the stigma associated with mental health disorders.

Edward Haymes

Edward Haymes
Professor - Modern Languages

November 25, 2022

He was the author or co-author of nine books, editor of six more, and author of scores of articles. He retired as a full professor from Cleveland State University in 2010, where he chaired the Modern Languages Department and Directed the Honors College during his tenure.

Dr. Mark H. Ashcraft

Mark H. Ashcraft
Professor and Department Chair - Psychology 

September 6, 2022

Mark retired in 2020 after over 40 years of teaching and was named Professor Emeritus at both CSU and UNLV.

Bruce A. Beatie

Bruce A. Beatie
Professor -- Modern Languages 

July, 2022

In 1970, he joined Cleveland State University as chair of the Modern Languages Department and continued to teach at CSU until his retirement. He was a Tolkien and Arthurian Scholar.

Browne Lewis

Browne Lewis
Professor of Law 

June 2, 2022

In her time at CSU C|M|LAW, Dean Lewis had a profound impact on our school and our students. She was the Leon M. and Gloria Plevin Professor of Law and the founding Director of the Law School’s Center for Health Law & Policy, spearheading an innovative approach that connected countless law students to the professional opportunities in health law. 


Jae-Won Lee
Professor Emeritus -- Communication

March 8, 2022

Dr. Lee achieved numerous honors and awards, including three additional Fulbright Scholarships for teaching and research in Korea, Botswana, and Nepal. He received the 2011 Society of Professional Journalists Distinguished Service Award. Highlights of his professional journalistic career include covering the 1988 Seoul Olympics and working for the incumbent campaign of Senator John Glenn. 

Michael Mauldin

Michael L. Mauldin
Professor -- Theatre Arts Department

January 5, 2022

As both actor and director, Dr. Mauldin enhanced Cleveland’s theatrical landscape, directing highly-regarded productions at CSU, where he also created and produced four seasons of the critically-acclaimed Summer Stages Repertory Company.

Ronald G. Schultz

Ronald G. Schultz
Electrical Engineering

December 29, 2021

Ron served as chairman of the School of Electrical Engineering and as Dean of Graduate Studies at Cleveland State University. Ron was a Registered Professional Engineer and worked on many cases involving litigation of electrical accidents.

Ernest Poulos

Earnest Poulos
Associate Professor - Mechanical Engineering

June 13, 2021

Areas of Interest:  Turbomachinery, Heat Transfer, Thermodynamics.

Philip DeGroot

Philip DeGroot
Associate Professor - Engineering

August 31, 2021

He went on to serve as an Army Reserve officer, eventually attaining the rank of Major. Following his full-time service, Philip began teaching, a pursuit that would be lifelong. He continued his education at Cleveland State University and Utah State University, where he received his doctorate. He went on to teach at Drexel University and Cleveland State University, where he received tenure.

Roger Manning

Roger Manning
Professor Emeritus - History

January 23, 1932 — May 30, 2021

He served as Chairman of the History Department and Director of Graduate Studies. He was the author of six books, four published by Oxford University Press. His last book was published by Bloomsburry in 2016. 

Edward Barton Bell, Jr.

Edward Barton Bell, Jr.
Professor --Economics

May 5, 1942--May 21, 2022

In 1971, he joined the Economics Department at Cleveland State University. In this role he was able to further his passions for economics, research, and teaching. 

Nancy Klein

Nancy Klein
Professor Emerita and Former Associate Dean - Education

December 11, 2021

After earning her doctorate in education from Case Western Reserve University in 1973, she became a Professor of Education at Cleveland State University (CSU) for over 30 years becoming professor emeritus. 

Elise G. Jancura

Elise G. Jancura
Professor - Accounting

September 18, 2021

Dr. Jancura (PhD, MBA) was past Associate Dean of CSU's College of Business Administration, as well as Chairperson of the Accounting and Business Law Departments. She specialized in Accounting and Computer and Information Science. 

Elyse B. Fleming

Elyse B. Fleming
Professor - Education

July 12, 2021

Lee’s career focus was on the development of academic and personal skills of young women so they could achieve in all fields including STEM.

Charles A. Washington

Charles Washington

October 7, 1949-May 19, 2021

Dr. Washington was a Professor at Indiana University, Purdue University (IUPUI), Jackson State University, and Cleveland State University.  He also taught a few evening classes at Lakeland Community College. 
Ernest Hisey

Ernest L. Hisey
Associate Professor Emeritus – Music

October 27, 1937-May 8, 2021

Ernest used his musical talent and education to teach and lead others, of all ages, around the world. 
David Bynum

David Bynum

April 4, 2021

Professor Bynum wrote many scholarly articles on oral narrative, as well as translations from Serbo-Croatian of oral heroic poetry collected in the field by him and his two predecessors at Harvard University.

He retired from Cleveland State University after 22 years.

Toshinori Munakata

Toshinori Munakata
Professor - Computer Science

April 4, 2021

He spent most of his career as a Professor of Computer Science at Cleveland State University, with research spanning many of the most important realms of artificial intelligence. In 2011, Toshinori was profiled as one of the "25 Japanese people that changed the world" in the 25th Anniversary edition of Newsweek Japan.


Jeffrey Brudney

Jeffrey Brudney
Professor - Public Administration and Former Albert A. Levin Chair of Urban Studies and Public Service

April 2021

Dr. Brudney’s mark on the fields of nonprofit research, public service, and public administration cannot be overstated... and over his career he was a renowned teacher, mentor, and scholar...

Eugene Klingshirn

Eugene A. Klingshirn
Professor Emeritus - Electrica Engineering

February 26, 2021

...returning to Fenn College of Engineering at Cleveland State University in 1960 as Professor of Electrical Engineering. His passion for teaching and learning extended beyond the classroom...
James M. Schuerger

James Shuerger
Professor - Psychology

January 7, 2021

More than any other person we have ever met, Jim displayed and lived a life marked by humanity.

Teresa LaGrange

Teresa LaGrange
Associate Professor, Associate Dean, and Vice Provost – Sociology

December 2, 2020

“...she worked as an Assistant Professor, Associate Dean, and finally as a Vice Provost at Cleveland State University before her retirement in 2016...”


Michael H. “Mickey” Davis
Professor Emeritus– Law

November 16, 2020

We mourn the loss of one of our law school's prominent scholars and beloved teachers, and celebrate his career and significant impact on generations of lawyers. 

Boaz Kahana

Boaz Kahana
Professor – Psychology

November 6, 2020

Boaz was a mentor and committed to the success of his students and fellow faculty members.

Robert Mensforth

Robert P. Mensforth
Associate Professor – Anthropology

July 8, 2020
Constance Hollinger

Constance C. Hollinger
Professor – Psychology

April 17, 2020

It would be difficult to identify any committee or program at CSU that did not benefit from her contributions.

James McLoughlin

James "Jay" McLoughlin
Professor, Dean, and Interim Provost – Education

March, 2020

Edward T. (Ted) Bartlett
Associate Professor – Philosophy

February 23, 2020
Frederick Holck

Frederick H. G. Holck
Professor – Religious Studies

January 15, 2020

Dr. Holck’s wide-ranging research interests, centering especially on the religions of Asia, are reflected in his various publications. He authored articles in German and English on asceticism in ancient India, and was editor of Death and Eastern Religions (1974) and co-editor of Ethics in World Religions (1987).

Ferris Anthony

Ferris Anthony
Professor and Dean of Continuing Education -
Counseling, Administration, Supervision and Adult Learning

January 10, 2020
Wilhelmina Manns

Wilhelmina Manns
Professor – Social Work

January 2, 2020

During her time as a member of the CSU social work faculty she contributed to the development of the MSW program which received initial accreditation from the Council on Social Work Education in 1996.

Ching Chang

Ching L. Chang
Professor – Mathematics

December 28, 2019
Earl Mortenson

Earl M. Mortensen
Associate Professor – Chemistry

December 23, 2019
Norman Krumholz

Norman Krumholz
Professor – Urban Studies

December 21, 2019

Throughout his teaching career, Norm inspired many students at the Levin College. Dozens of graduates of its urban planning program entered the field of community development having had Norm as a teacher and mentor.


Paul D. Hambourger
Associate Professor – Physics

December 19, 2019

The strongest aspect of Paul’s contribution to the education of our students was the steady mentoring over the years, and the research collaborations with numerous… students. 


Louis R. Barbato
Associate Professor – English

December 10, 2019

Louis was widely acknowledged as a master teacher.  He was not the type of teacher who tried to turn his students into acolytes.  Rather, he sought to develop his students’ own understanding and abilities.

Everett Cataldo

Everett F. Cataldo
Professor – Political Sciences

November 18, 2019

He had the vision to research some of the most important issues of his generation and the research skills to publish his findings in all of the leading journals.


Sonia Leib Abels
Associate Professor – Social Work

September 24, 2019

After creating the multidisciplinary journal, Reflections: Narratives of Professional Helping, Professor Abels served as its Founding Editor beginning in 1974 until 1999. She continued to serve on the Executive Board of the journal until 2012.

Mareyjoyce Green

Mareyjoyce Green
Associate Professor – Sociology

September 13, 2019

As a member of CSU’s first generation of faculty, this joint passion for her service activity and her students remains a leading example of how we strengthen our educational mission with service and community engagement activity.


Thomas E. Donaldson
Professor – Art

August 28, 2019

John W. Spring
Assistant Professor – Engineering Technology

August 19, 2019
Georgia Lesh Laurie

Georgia Lesh-Laurie
Professor; Dean, Arts & Sciences; Dean, Graduate Studies; and Interim Provost

May 9, 2019
Jack A. Soules

Jack A. Soules
Professor and Dean – Physics

May 1, 2019

Michael R. Baumer
Associate Professor – Philosophy

April 18, 2019

While his interest in logic never waned, Michael broadened his purview by, as it were, reaching back, and he became a skilled scholar and teacher of the works of Plato and Aristotle.


John E. Blank
Professor – Anthropology

April 1, 2019
Sundaresan Kondagunta

Sundaresan Kondagunta
Professor – Mathematics

February 16, 2019

As a researcher Sundaresan was a tenacious and ingenious problem solver, not given to throw in the towel when the going got rough and usually able to bring home the prize. As a teacher he was patient and extremely lucid in his blackboard style and this was key to his success in this category.