Office of Facilities Management

Facilities Service Changes for Fiscal Year 2018

  1. Office cleaning will be done monthly. If an office is locked, please schedule a time with your custodial team member.

  2. Office trash will be picked up daily if it is set outside the office door. Occupants can take their trash to the large trash container by elevator lobbies if they do not wish to wait for the next morning pick up. No trash will be picked up within offices.

  3. Only first-floor windows will be cleaned in the summer months. All other windows can be cleaned by a FAST Request (chargeable).

  4. Free annual carpet and floor cleaning will be done during normal business hours. If the work is required during off-hours or on weekends, there will be a charge to cover overtime costs.

  5. All scheduled events after 2:00 pm during the week or all-day events on the weekends will be charged a cleaning fee. The fee is based on space and is posted on the Conference Services Website. 

  6. Painting in public hallways will only occur if ordered via a FAST Request (chargeable).

  7. The team will provide annual plantings to decorate the grounds during the spring season only for buildings between Euclid and Chester Avenues.

  8. All indoor plant service expired on July 1, 2017.  All indoor plants will be removed from the site unless the department wants to contract separately with the plant provider.

  9. For lights that are burnt out, more than one lamp should be out in an area prior to the team servicing it.