Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

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MCE Faculty
Elie Barbieri
Elie J. Barbari, P/T Instructor
MSEE (1979), Cleveland State University, 
Business statistics, finance, operations analysis.
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Tushar Borkar
Tushar BorkarAssistant Professor
Ph.D. (2013), University of North Texas
Additive Manufacturing, Advanced metallic and functionally
graded composite (hybrid) materials for Aerospace, 
Mina Dimov Mina Dimov, Ph.D.,  Visiting Assistant Professor
Ph.D., University of Cincinnati, 2000
Biomechanical Engineering/ Bone Health, Osteoporosis,
Human subject testing, Aircraft engine design/
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Asuquo B. Ebiana PhD Asuquo B. EbianaAssociate Professor
Ph.D. (1990), Michigan State University
Thermal Sciences, Fluid Dynamics,
Computational Fluid Dynamics.

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Michael Gallagher Michael T. Gallagher ,
Asst. Prof. of Practice Mechanical Engineering

1989 M.S.M.E. Case Western Reserve University, 
Fluid System Components, 
Design and Analysis of ASME Sec.III Components

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Jason Halloran PhD Jason Halloran, Ph.D., Asst. Prof. Mechanical Engineering
Ph.D. (2007), University of Denver / Faculty Profile
Computational biomechanics, Orthopaedic biomechanics, 
Multi-scale tissue mechanics, Joint replacement mechanics.  

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Anette Karlsson PhD Anette KarlssonDean & Professor
Ph.D. (1999), Rutgers University
Thermo-mechanical properties of advanced materials with
particular emphasis on the durability of materials in clean energy.
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Bogdan Kozul Bogdan Kozul
Director of Motion Control Systems
Mechanical Engineering, Cleveland State University, 1998
MBA, Case Western University, 2011Business Development, IoT,
Manufacturing, Controls, Motion Control Systems
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Paul Lin Paul P. LinAssociate Dean & Professor
Ph.D. (1985), University of Rhode Island
Intelligent Mechatronic Systems, System Monitoring and
Fault Diagnosis, Machine Vision, Fast Design Optimization.

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Taysir H. Nayfeh PhD Taysir H. NayfehProfessor
Ph.D. (1993), Virginia Tech
Manufacturing Systems, Industrial Automation,
Manufacturing Process Control,
Sensors and Sensor Physics, Nondestructive Testing.  

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Jon A Negrelli

Jon A. NegrelliInstructor
MFA English (2013), Technical Communications, 
Minnesota State University
Technical Writing and Professional Communication 
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Majid Rashidi PhD

Majid RashidiChair of Eng. Technology Dept. 
Ph.D. (1987), Case Western Reserve University
Machine Design, Dynamics of Rotating Machinery,
Design Optimization,
Fluid-Solid Interaction Dynamics.

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Hans Richter PhD

Hanz RichterAssociate Professor
Ph.D. (2001), Oklahoma State University
Dynamic Systems, Modeling, Simulation, Control Theory,
Applied Nonlinear Control,
Flow Control, Mechatronic Systems. 

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Jerzy T. Sawicki PhD Jerzy T. Sawicki
Case Western Reserve University, P.E.
Ohio Mechanical Vibration and Control,
Rotordynamics, Structural health monitoring,
Magnetic bearings, Mechatronic systems. 

Director Center for Rotating Machinery Dynamics and Control 
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Eric Shearer, Ph.D. Eric M. Schearer, Assistant Professor 
Ph.D., (2014), Northwestern University
Robotics, Human Motion Control. Faculty Profile
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Maryam Younessi Sinaki

Maryam Younessi Sinaki, Visiting Assistant Professor
Ph.D., University of Waterloo, 2014
Energy Conversion Systems, Numerical modeling, "
Combustion, Thermo-fluid Systems, Hydrogen Production.
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Carol Terrell
Carol Terrell, Secretary 
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Antonie J. (Ton) van den Bogert

Antonie J. (Ton) van den Bogert
Parker-Hannifin Human Motion and Control
Endowed Chair and Professor,
Ph.D. (1989), University of Utrecht
Musculoskeletal Modeling and Simulation,
Sports Biomechanics, Rehabilitation,
Prosthetics, and Orthotics.
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Wei Zhang Wei Zhang, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Ph.D. (2003), M.E., Xi’an Jiaotong University
Fluid Mechanics, Flow Control and Wind Engineering
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