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What is ISC?

Industry Services & Contracts (ISC) is the main contact point for external constituents wishing to collaborate with FRDI in projects and/or services. This division of FRDI acts as a facilitator for external collaborations of Washkewicz College.

ISC is also responsible to facilitate and administer all two-party engagements of FRDI which DO NOT involve CSU Washkewicz College of Engineering intellectual property (IP) rights. Projects which may involve IP issues will be referred to appropriate CSU offices.

How can ISC help my company?

ISC offers the benefits of expert faculty, engaged students, dedicated staff and state-of-art physical facilities in support of our mission; “Develop partnerships to help industry in the Northeast Ohio Region and beyond to acquire and maintain a competitive edge through the activities at FRDI.”

ISC maintains two lists to facilitate collaborations:

1) Expertise List includes faculty willing to participate in ISC. Information about their main areas of interest, facilities under their control, contact information, and further links for their background, bio, past projects, etc. are also included.

2) Facilities List includes equipment/facilities available at ISC. Brief equipment description, usage fees, responsible faculty, and further links describing the equipment and capabilities are also included.

We encourage you to browse these lists to identify capabilities, opportunities, faculty, and equipment. Moreover, through affiliate organizations, FRDI might be able to provide assistance to your company. If you cannot find the type of equipment or expertise that you need, please contact the ISC Associate Director.

Collaborative functions of FRDI are handled on a project basis. A project may be initiated by a faculty, or a corporation, or an agency, or by ISC itself. Some of the Recent Projects are listed as examples. A template for Project Outline is also provided.

How do I start a project with FRDI/ISC?

Engagement of ISC services can be as simple as issuing a Purchase Order (PO); i.e. for fee-for-use equipment. Once approved, an Acceptance Acknowledgement is issued to the company within five (5) work days. The company will be billed against the PO once the project is completed. For cases where the company wishes to execute a contract, please contact ISC for further details and a sample contract.

We are looking forward to help you in your technical endeavors with expert faculty, engaged students, dedicated staff and state-of-art physical facilities. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

Prof. Orhan Talu
Associate Director